Rachel Gathright


Rachel Gathright

Every family has their own unique birth story to walk out, each parent and couple have their own experiences and needs as they approach the birth of their child.  I strive to see each individual and provide support that strengthens who they are, and their relationships with themselves, each other, and God.  There’s no miracle as amazing as birth!  Not only the birth of a baby but, a redefinition of who we are from this moment forward!  It’s not just a job for me but, ministry and holy space to be honored and poured in to.  You are valued and deserve to feel safe, aware of your options, and capable of growing on firm foundation no matter how your beautiful story unfolds!

A little bit about me to help you as you decide which doula you’re a good match with;

As a mother my own journey has included unplanned pregnancies, infertility, 8 pregnancies, 4 miscarriages, medicated hospital births, NICU, unmedicated births at my midwife’s home birth center, and all sorts of nursing and postpartum struggles.  

I live in Vancouver with my husband, our 4 homeschooled children, and our 2 dogs.  I love all things green and growing, natural healing, and being creative and spontaneous.  I’m an ENFP and a 7w6 with emotional elasticity and victory over trauma.  Healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, and spiritual healing and growth are my passion so, I enjoy ministry with that focus as well as deep and intimate worship.  When we’re not learning or serving, we can be found working the farm, cooking, playing games, adventuring in our amazing PNW, foraging, or creating art and music.

I look forward to meeting you, and I’m praying your birth is beautifully supported no matter which doula is your best match!