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A great Doula shares her knowledge, helps you find your voice in that wisdom, and stands by your side as you advocate for yourself.

What Is A Doula?

A Doula is an advocate for you, your baby, your birth plan and your decisions. A Doula is someone who offers their experience in the form of advice, direction, emotional, physical and mental support. A Doula is reminder to breathe, to relax, to enjoy the moment. A Doula is someone you can lean on, both physically and mentally. A Doula is someone you can trust to be your voice when your body and mind are preparing to meet your baby. A Doula is the answers to your questions. 

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Birth Doula Care

The Birth Doula provides physical, emotional and informational support to the laboring parent and their family/birth team. Birth support is considered the most common type of Doula care.


Postpartum Doula Care

Although your pregnancy has come full circle to its end, our comprehensive care continues after your birth in order to support your journey and transition into parenthood.


Placenta Services

Choose the Placenta Consumption option that fits your needs and preferences best. 



Offering resources with our Lending Library, external resources in our local community and through our support group for expecting and new parents.

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Each of our Doulas provide a different background and level of experience. They are passionate about birthwork, loving and efficient in their care. They are dedicated to you and your family as you navigate the life-changing chapter of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. 

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We will be by your side from the beginning.

A Doula offers support from the time a family books their care, through the end of services. This might be the entire length of pregnancy, or just a few weeks (or even days) before labor, depending on when a family reaches out.

A Birth Doula will meet with you during your pregnancy to hear your desires, share info and build your relationship. Once contractions begin, your Doula will physically, emotionally and informationally support you and others on your birth team during the labor and delivery process. Post birth, they will make a minimum of one follow-up visit at your home to check in, help with processing your birth story, answer questions, and share any postpartum and newborn related tips and suggestions they have to offer.

Studies have shown that having a Doula often lessens time spent in labor, reduces the laboring mothers’ anxiety, lowers the rate of medical interventions (including Cesarean births) and typically improves the mothers’ perception of her birth in a more positive way.

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