Lizzy Garcia


Lizzy Garcia

The birth of your baby will stay with you throughout your lifetime, and I believe every pregnant woman should have the support and knowledge they need to have the best birth experience possible. As your doula I will do my best to prepare you for labor and birth so that you can look back on the birth with feelings of accomplishment and empowerment.

I will help you to prepare for labor, by educating you and your partner on comfort techniques, massage, breathing techniques and educate you on interventions that may come up. I will also help you prepare for the emotional changes that can occur during labor, and how to effectively communicate with your
provider/hospital staff so you can make informed decisions regarding your labor and delivery. I have experience with hospital, homebirth, birth center and VBAC births.

My passion for birth has been with me since a young age, watching birth stories and reading birth blogs became a regular thing when I was pregnant with my first baby. The passion I have for all things birth related grew even more after the birth of my first baby, that’s when I decided I wanted to be a doula. When the time was finally right for my family and I, I trained with DONA international in 2020 at Portland Doula Love and joined a six-month intensive mentorship through them as well. I have also attended a Spinning Babies workshop and use and recommend Spinning Babies to all of my clients. I was born and raised in the California desert, and have been living in Vancouver, WA for seven years with my husband and three kids. We are a Christian family and we enjoy all the outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and taking our inflatable boat on the lake for hours while the kids swim. I also enjoy going to concerts, cross stitching, reading, gardening and going to comedy shows with my husband.

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