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What is a Sibling Support Provider?

The Sibling Supporter is an experienced childcare provider who understands long hours and little sleep. Much like a Birth Doula, the Sibling Supporter goes on call three weeks prior to the estimated due date and remains so until they are called in to attend the family. Whether the parent(s) are delivering at a Birthing Center or a Hospital, the Sibling Supporter cares for the older child(ren) in the family home until a designated guardian comes to relieve them. If the parent(s) are delivering at their home, the Doula can preoccupy the older children until the birth is over, or they can bring them in and out of the birthing area and help quietly and positively support them through the experience (this is optional to the parent(s) ). Sibling Support providers can make a world of difference if an expecting family has older kiddos who are still young and need the flexibility that an on-call caretaker can offer.

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Sibling Support Package

Our package always includes two Sibling Support providers who work as a team to offer families all the coverage they may need and includes;

– 2, one hour “play dates” to learn child(ren)s routine, get a tour of the home and spend time with the child(ren) so they can get to know the provider (each provider has 1, one hour appointment with the family)

– On-call availability beginning three weeks before the estimated due date and until the provider is called in for support

– Phone and text communication with the providers while they care for the little one(s)

– Quality care and support from the time of their physical arrival at the home, until a designated guardian comes to relieve them (typically the non-birthing parent or a relative, friend, etc)

– One postpartum visit to talk about the experience, answer any questions and meet the new addition to the family

– Extensive resources through the postpartum


How to hire your Sibling Support?

1. Contact us

Either by phone or our online form. We will reply with a list of providers who are available for your estimated due date.

2. Interview your provider

The available Sibling Supporters will reach out to you and book a free consultation where you will be able to meet in person for an interview.

3. Hire your Sibling Support Provider

Let us know which two providers you would like to move forward with and we will share the appropriate paperwork and information to move forward.

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