Mabel Keller


Mabel Keller

Growing up in Oregon all her life Mabel is no stranger to the outdoors or natural remedies. She worked in childcare for a decade before deciding to become a doula at the peak of covid. She is currently working on finishing her birth doula certification with Birth Arts International and has trained with CAPPA as a postpartum doula. She will be pursuing full certification through them as a Postpartum Doula as well. 

Mabel has worked with many types of families, in many types of situations as a childcare provider. She really values the ability to meet a family where they are at, to help them get where they want to be. Her postpartum doula journey started in the peak of covid for a mothers helper job. She worked with a mom everyday for 6 weeks as her only outside support. This experience was transformational for her to see how confident the mother was able to become in only 6 weeks before she moved out of state with her newborn. Ever since then Mabel has been working as a doula, helping parents become confident and happy in parenthood. 

Mabel’s birth journey has been short but very full of experience so far. She’s attended 4 births, some for teen parents, medically fragile babies and for survivors. Attending each of these taught Mabel how to help families at their highest and lowest moments. You can always expect trauma informed, evidence based and gentle support from Mabel. 

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