Support Group


Support Group

The Stumptown Circle Support Group

We bring people together with a goal of making connections. 
We all find growth in the support we give, as well as receive. We feel comfort in hearing another person share a familiar struggle or a similar success.
As people, we need human interaction with others going through some of the same things we are.
We hope you feel at home with with our group…

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Hannah Woods (Cason)

The Stumptown Circle


Every Monday, 5:30pm-7:30pm


Kenilworth Presbyterian Church

4028 SE 34th Avenue Portland OR, 97202



(Suggested $10 donation per session, but not required in order to attend)

The Stumptown Circle


Every Monday



Kenilworth Presbyterian Church

4028 SE 34th Avenue Portland, OR 97202

Our Stumptown Circle Support Group has been created to provide a safer space for folks to lean into during one of the biggest transitions in their lives; parenthood. We see the massive difference that having a positive community can have on expecting and new parents and have a deep passion for facilitating a space for this.

Sessions include prayer, sharing, resources, time for connection, and the opportunity to be a part of a community.

Stumptown Doulas is a donation site for new and second hand pregnancy, birth and postpartum related items. These have either been gifted by other Stumptown parents, or by folks in our local area who want to give back and support new families. We bring these items to our sessions for folks to look through and take what they need/can use. Stock always changes, but commonly we will be given; diapers, formula, baby clothes, maternity clothes, car seats, etc. Supplies are based on first-come/first-serve and we are not able to place hold for folks. Please feel free to check out our Facebook page to see what our current supplies stock looks like.

Whether still expecting or new parents, all families are welcome to attend through their baby’s first year earthside.

What to wear:

Something comfy!

What to bring:

A beverage and/or snack

Spouses/partners/friend/relative are welcome, but attendees may only bring one adult support person with them. Attendees may also come alone if they prefer.

Children; Newborn(s) are more than welcome, or attendees may come without for some supportive “adult time”. Children older than one year of age are requested to not attend the Support Groups at this time.


Please Note:

Groups are free of charge, however there is a suggested $10 donation per session that goes completely to the Doula facilitating that group for their gas compensation and time.

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